Academic & scientific committee

Carlos Díaz Rivero

Master in Cultural Heritage.

Giovanna Ruíz

Social worker.
Specialist in Child Abuse Prevention.

Vladimir Bernal

Master in Biological Sciences.

Paola Lindo

Bachelor degree in Chemistry.
Master in Education.

Luz Dary Pedraza

Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences and Environmental Education.
Master in Sustainable Environmental Management.

Franco Obando

Master in Soils and Irrigation.
PhD. in Water and Soil Management.

Daniel Fernando Martínez

Specialist in Finance and International Business.

Lina Fernanda Mojica

Environmental Engineer.
Specialist in Formulation and Evaluation of Projects.

René Ricardo Cuellar

Environmental and Health Engineer.
Master in Environmental Management.
Master in Biological Sciences.

Fabio López

Geodesta Cadastral Engineer.
Specialist in Urban and Regional Development Management and Planning.
Specialist in Pedagogy and Universitary Teaching.
Master in Urban Management.

Martha Emperatriz Pardo

Engineer in Water Resources and Environmental Management.
Specialist in Development and Integral Project Management.
Master in Civil Engineering.

Sandra Patricia Reyes Ortiz

Bachelor degree in Chemistry.
Master in Chemistry Teaching.
PhD. in Engineering.
PhD. in Materials´ Science.

Jorge Betancur

Master in Geology.

María Helena García

Bachelor degree in Chemistry.
Master in Chemistry.