Logistic committee

Luís Miguel Pulido

Electrical engineer.
Specialist in Environmental Education and Community Development.

María Zolangela Moreno

Industrial Engineer.
Master in Management with emphasis in Integrated Management Systems.

Omaira Paola Osorio Mondragón

Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences and Environmental Education.
Master of Environmental Sciences.

Johana Paola Herrera Vázquez

Environmental engineer.
Occupational Health Specialist.
Master in Renewable Energy (uncompleted).

Benjamín Balverde Ospina

Environmental engineer.
Specialist in Formulation and Evaluation of Projects.
Master in Design, Management and Project Management (uncompleted).

Oscar Samuel Abaunza Espitia

Environmental and Health Engineer.
Metallurgical engineer.
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist.
Master in Environmental Management (uncompleted).