The University Corporation of Meta organizes the VI International Congress on Environmental Sustainability with Social Responsibility.

In accordance with ONU’s Sustainable Development Summit and the current socio political situation of the country, in the face of the implementation of the post-agreement posed by the National government, a new focus towards development is in sight. This new approach suggests, among other strategies, the implementation of sustainable management of natural resources policies, handling of solid residue, delimitation of the agricultural frontier, and protection of important ecosystems such as moorlands, wetlands and basins in the context of a national plan of environmental zoning. This vision, in line with the principles of sustainable development, implies the utilization of natural resources without detriment of the environmental safety.

Accordingly, Corporación Universitaria del Meta, organizes the VI International Conference on Environmental Sustainability With Social Responsibility.

Its objective is to disseminate the scientific progress, and to create scenarios to debate national and international policies in terms of environmental security, food safety, sustainable management of natural resources, environmental education, cohabitation and reconciliation processes.